Food has always been a passion of mine.  Whether it was creating a dish for the family or giving it away to friends and neighbors, I always enjoyed showing love through food.  For me, watching others devour the goodies brought more enjoyment than creating or even eating the dishes.

Like many other adventures in life, the road to jerky started out as a hobby.  I enjoyed creating new crazy flavors and being able to share that with friends and family.  As interest grew, I suddenly found myself in a panic of not being able to keep up with a Christmas rush.  Two life long friends stepped up excited to help.  We sat there at the dinner table chatting and all agreed to make a go of it.  Succeed or not, we knew it would be fun!  Suddenly we found ourselves needing more machines and more space to continue.  We finally found a small production space in Kailua, Hawaiʻi and set up shop in 2019. 

Our approach to jerky can sometimes be truly mind bending.  While we offer classic flavors like Salt and Pepper, we often venture off the beaten path and have created some insane flavors like Pumpkin Crunch, Cinnabomb, and Li Hing Lollipop.  Food provides an endless array of inspiration and we try to replicate flavors that rekindle memories or captures a dish.  In our minds, the meat is really just an edible plate to hold our flavor creations and our mission is to change the way you think about jerky and unlock the seemingly endless potential of this age old snack.

We hope to see you soon!

Mahalo, Jerky Labs