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Shipping Information

Aloha and Welcome!

Born and raised on 'Oahu, shipping affects our day to day lives.  From the cost of milk to price of gas, shipping across the Pacific Ocean isn’t a small feat.  While we are happy to ship out any size order, here is some shipping info that will help you get the best bang for your buck!  In an effort to spread the Aloha and our crispy jerky, we offer FREE SHIPPING on any orders of a single sampler (3-pack) or single flavor of the month (large bag) to anywhere in the US.

Hawai'i Orders (non-pickup)

1-3 bags = $8 shipping (as low as $2.67 per bag)

4-12 bags = $10 shipping (as low as $0.83 per bag)

Mainland Orders

1-3 bags = $10 shipping (as low as $3.33 per bag)

4-9 bags = $13.65 shipped in a flat rate box (as low as $1.52 per bag)

Don't see a shipping option you like?  Feel free to contact us and we will help you out!


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